Friday, March 08, 2013

Awkward Moments: In the Car...Again

I wrote on here the other day about a random 30 year old guy who came up to me while I was sitting in my car and bragged about how much of a pimp he was with 60 year old ladies. Evidently this is the start of a new trend.

The other morning on the way to work, I stopped at a gas station to refuel. I was sitting in my car - windows down -  listening to an audiobook as I waited on my gas to pump when I was again randomly approached by a creepy stranger.

I had noticed the fellow earlier, lugging various boxes to and fro, from his diesel to the gas station. On a trip back to his truck, he stopped, looked at me and said "hey," motioning with his head towards the car in front of me after I acknowledged him with a look. I followed his gaze to the silver car in front of me then back to him, my face questioning.
"That's pretty sexy," he said, "...and what's driving it ain't to bad either, ha HAAA!" at which point he balled his hands into a fist, put them out in front of him and then made a single powerful air hip thrust in the car's direction and said, "taa DOW, you know what I'm sayin'?!" and then walked back to his truck and drove off. 

I am clearly making myself look far too approachable when I'm in the car.

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