Sunday, October 07, 2012

Manly Moments

I woke up very groggy this morning. I got up, threw on a shirt, headed out to my yard to do a quick chore. Only then did I realize it was still completely dark outside. It was at this point I heard a rustling in the bushes and I look over in time to see two glowing eyes come charging right at me. And naturally, I took off.
I ran a very clumsy loop around the yard before retreating into the safety of my home. It didn't really click during the chase that the eyes were only a few inches from the ground. All I know is that when two glowing eyes rush at you out of the darkness, you run. You run your ass off.

After making it inside and reflecting, I realized it was probably an animal (which some later investigation confirmed to be a possum) but at the time, my natural assumption was some sort of demonic terror.

On the up side, the whole affair may have increased my street cred. I think I already have a reputation for being a little unbalanced for a few completely innocent and silly incidents. Now we have me, in the darkness, doing full speed sprints around my yard with a battle cry issuing from my lips. At least I hope it sounded like a battle cry and now what it probably really was: a girly squeal of terror.

Everybody floats down here

Thursday, October 04, 2012


Never mind how long it lasted
You’re still the best thing
That never happened