Saturday, October 07, 2006

Excited Hair

I woke up today to the anticipation of an eventful day hanging in the air as a pleasant scent may often do. Yet much like those elusive scents, I never was able to put a finger on quite what it was. All day I felt on the edge of my seat. All day I had a vague premonition of events that would never take place. I hold faith in the hopes that my expectations were a few days early and something of note will take place in the next few to come.

Why is my hair so tall?  I dunno...I noticed, too, that my hair also shared this same feeling, for it had a particularly excited look about it today, standing this way and that, reaching towards the heavens, looking exceptionally tall. In addition to the anticipation it apparently felt, it was also pointed out to me by a friend at work, as I passed by him where a low wall seperated us, that it was very shark-like if you saw as he did; a lone spike appearing with no head attached above the previously mentioned low wall moving sinisterly to and fro. Yet another person pointed out that, when you can see it attached to my head, it is very rhino-like.Dun un dun un.

Not knowing what to do with it this morning (after yesterday's barber adventure), I merely wet it, stuck both hands into it (one from each side) and clasped them together as if to pray, "please don't let me look [more] retarded [than normal]" and then let it decide what it would do. An animalistic appearance is apparently the result.

Yet I have
to confess I liked it. Sure, I had to duck my head a bit in my overly small car to keep it from stabbing the ceiling and making my head itch, but I'm used to that even when it doesn't reach for the stars. I'm thinking about making it look like an animal every day just to spice it up. Tomorrow will be flamingo hair day. I have a feeling I may need gel for that.


Liz said...

Can you do flamingo hair without pink hair dye?

If you want to place an order for those socks you'll have to talk to Target. I bought them there last October, I think they're selling em again this year.

Azure said...

Thank you for writing again. I always enjoyed your journal on DL. Heh... remember me? I'm that chick that bitched when you wrote a post about the Linkin Park Numb video, saying that beautiful girls never have problems. ^_~

And this is the first I've seen photos of you. You're cute! Not at all like I imagined, but you're much more handsome than my mental image. You win.