Monday, July 21, 2014

More Dating Woes

If there's one lessons I've taken away from again being in the dating world, it's that people lack the capability to say what they actually mean. I assumed that as I aged people would mature, learn to cut out the bullshit, and just be upfront with their intentions/feelings. If anything, the older I get the less true that is proving.

My friend April has told me before that I am good at deciphering people's fluff and seeing what they are really like beneath all the falsities. Unfortunately that doesn't appear to hold true when I am directly involved with the individuals in question. The only thing I can say for a certainty is that the more someone claims they "don't play games", the more they will play games.
If I could snap my fingers and change one aspect of the whole experience, I'd make it so that people would be more mindful of their words. As it stands, people are careless with them to a dangerous degree.

I had planned to vent about all of the ridiculous situation I've been in lately - or at least the one specific one that made me start writing today - but I realize I let this sort of thing weigh on me too heavily and I shouldn't give it any more power by dwelling on it. I still will, I realize. This very second I am dwelling. I just know I shouldn't.

I preferred it when funny things happened on dates. I haven't been cussed out for opening the door for a date in quite a while. Maybe next time.

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